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HP Pavilion 14-c025us Chromebook support

Setting Up Your HP Chromebook (Chrome OS)

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This document applies to HP Chromebook computers with Chrome OS.
This document provides information about setting up your HP Chromebook and configuring Chrome OS for the first time.

Setting up your Chromebook for the first time

Complete the following steps to set up the computer:
  1. Unpack the box.
  2. Insert the battery.
  3. Connect the AC adapter to the computer, and then connect the adapter to a wall outlet.
  4. Lift the notebook lid, and then press the power button to turn on the computer.
After turning on the Chromebook, the Chrome logo displays on a white background. A Welcome screen displays after a few seconds.

Setting up Chrome OS

An Internet connection is required for the Chrome OS setup process. Use the following steps to set up your Chromebook's operating system for the first time:
NOTE:You are required to add a Google Account to the Chromebook as part of the initial setup process. The first account added is the Owner account. The Owner has special privileges that cannot be transferred to a different account, and the Owner account can only be changed or deleted by performing a factory reset. To learn more about Owner account permissions, see Owner permissions (in English) from Chrome OS Help.

Step 1: Selecting language, keyboard, and network settings on your Chromebook

Select your language and keyboard preferences and set up an Internet connection on the Chrome OS Welcome screen when setting up Chrome OS for the first time.
Figure 1: Chrome OS Welcome screen
Chrome OS Welcome screen
  1. Click the drop-down menu next to Select your language: and select the preferred display language.
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to Select your keyboard: and select the preferred keyboard layout.
  3. Click the drop-down menu next to Select a network: and select the wireless network you want to use. For a wired connection, plug in an Ethernet cable.
    If the network requires a password or sign-in credentials, enter the required information.
  4. Click Continue .

Step 2: Accepting Google Chrome OS Terms

Read the Google Chrome OS Terms when setting up Chrome OS for the first time on your Chromebook. Determine whether or not you want to send usage statistics and crash reports to Google. The reports contain usage data, preferences, and system information. No personal information or Web addresses are sent. The Owner account can change the usage statistics and crash reports preference on the Settings page.
If you do not want to automatically send reports to Google, click the box to remove the check mark next to Optional: Help make Chrome OS better by automatically sending usage statistics and crash reports to Google .
To accept the Google Chrome OS Terms and proceed to the sign in screen, click Accept and continue .
Figure 2: Google Chrome OS Terms
Google Chrome OS Terms

Step 3: Signing in with a Google Account in Chrome OS

A Google Account is required for signing in to your Chromebook for the first time. The first Google Account added to your Chromebook becomes the Owner account, and is given special permissions that cannot be transferred to a different account without resetting the Chromebook.
On the Sign in screen, enter your primary Google Account email address and password, and then click Sign in . You are automatically signed in to any Google products and services associated with your Google Account (for example, Google Calendar).
NOTE: After the initial setup, numerous accounts can be added to the Chromebook, allowing each account owner to customize their Chromebook settings and preferences, and preventing access to files and browsing data stored in other accounts. See the HP support document Creating and Using Accounts on Your HP Chromebook for more information.
If you do not have a Google Account, or if you want to create a new one, use the following steps. If you signed in already, skip these steps and continue to Step 4 .
  1. Click Create a Google Account .
    Figure 3: Create a Google Account
    Create a Google Account link on the Chrome Sign in screen
  2. Complete the form and provide any other required information on the Create a new Google Account page, and then click Next step .
    Figure 4: Create a new Google Account
    Create a new Google Account page
  3. Phone verification may be necessary to create your account. If requested, enter a phone number for Google to send a one-time text message or voice call. You will receive a code to enter and verify your account. The phone number is used only for this purpose, and is not stored or associated with your Google Account.
  4. When the account is successfully created, a Welcome screen appears. Click Continue to Gmail to proceed to your Accounts page.
    Figure 5: Continue to Gmail
    Google Accounts Welcome page with Continue to Gmail selected
  5. On the Accounts page, you have the option to edit or add account information and preferences. Click Save to save changes.
    NOTE:You can return to the Accounts page to edit your account details at any time. When you are signed in, click your Google Account name in the top right corner of any Google services Web page (for example, Gmail or Google Calendar), and then click Account .
  6. Click the x in the upper right corner to close the browser window.
  7. Click the status area of the taskbar, and then click Exit guest to exit the guest session and go to the account selection screen.
    Figure 6: Exit guest
    Exit guest option from the status area of the taskbar
  8. Click + Add user to add the new Google Account to your Chromebook.
  9. On the Sign in screen, enter the new Google Account email address and password, and then click Sign in .

Step 4: Selecting an account picture in Chrome OS

When setting up Chrome OS for the first time on your Chromebook, the picture you select on this screen displays on the Chrome OS sign-in screen, and in the status area of the taskbar. You can change the photo later by clicking on your account picture on the Settings page.
A group of pre-loaded image choices are available to select from for your account picture. Also, if you have a profile photo associated with your Google Account, it appears as an option. To set one of these images as your account picture, click the image, and then click OK .
To take a new webcam photo, use the following steps:
  1. Click the webcam icon.
    Figure 7: Webcam icon
    Webcam icon on the Chrome display picture screen
  2. Your webcam image displays in the box at the right. Click the camera icon button below the image to take a photo.
    Figure 8: Webcam display photo
    Webcam display photo
    To delete the photo and try again, click the grey trash can icon button , and then click the camera icon button to take a new photo.
  3. The webcam photo is set as your account picture. Click OK to confirm.

Using the Get Started app in Chrome OS

Get Started is an app that displays the first time you sign in with a new account on your Chromebook. This app is a guide to the features of your new computer.
Figure 9: Get Started app
Get Started app main menu
To explore the Get Started app, begin by clicking on a topic that interests you. Use the back and forward arrow buttons on either side of the window to navigate through topics, or click the in the upper right corner of the topic window to return to the main menu.
Access the Get Started app at any time from the apps list. Click the apps icon button , and type get started in the search box. Click Get Started to open the app.
Figure 10: Get Started apps search results
Get started apps search results