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Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal Values

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This document shows how to use the HP 6s calculator to work with binary, octal, and hexadecimal numbers. Numbers can be converted from one base to another. Calculations can be done with numbers within each number base.

Calculator symbol key

The procedures in this document use the following text to represent symbol keys:
KeyDescriptionText representation
Divide divide

Using MODE to switch number bases

Use the MODE key to set the number base. When bases other than 10 are used, enter only numbers valid for the base. For example, in binary mode only 1 and 0 can be entered.
MODE, HEX sets the mode to the hexadecimal. In hexadecimal mode, A to F keys are enabled.
NOTE:b and d in hexadecimal mode are shown in lower case to distinguish them from numbers.
MODE, OCT sets the mode to octal.
MODE, BIN sets the mode to binary.
MODE, DEC sets the mode to decimal.
NOTE: When using a number base other than 10, any fractional part is truncated.

Binary/octal/decimal/hexadecimal conversions

Press 22, MODE, then BIN BIN 10110 Conversion of 2210 to binary
Press MODE, then OCT OCT 26. Conversion of 2210 to octal
Press 513, MODE, then BIN E BIN 0. Conversion of 51310 to binary
Conversion to binary mode generates an error if the result is greater than 10 digits.
Press MODE, HEX, 7FFFFFFF, MODE, then DEC 2147483647 Conversion of 7FFFFFFF16 to decimal
Press 123456, MODE, then OCT OCT 361100 Conversion of 12345610 to octal
Press MODE, BIN, 1100110, MODE, then DEC 102. Conversion of 11001102 to decimal

Binary/octal/decimal/hexadecimal calculations

Press MODE, BIN, 1011, [+], 1101, then [=] BIN 11000. 101112 + 110102 =1100012
Press MODE, OCT, 123, x MODE, HEX, ABC, [=] Press MODE, then DEC HEX 37AF4. 228084. 1238 x ABC16 = 37AF416 =22808410
Press MODE, HEX, 1F2D, [-], MODE, DEC, 100, Press MODE, HEX, then [=] 7781.

HEX 1E C9.
1F2D16 -10010 =788110 =1EC916
Press MODE, OCT, 7654, divide, MODE, DEC, 12, [=] Press MODE, then OCT 334.3333333 OCT 516 76548 (divide) 1210 = 334.33…10 = 5168
Fractional parts of calculation are truncated.
Press MODE, BIN, 110, [+], 456, x, MODE, DEC, 78, divide, MODE, HEX, 1A, [=] Press MODE, then DEC HEX 390. 912. 1102=4568x78 (divide) 1a16=39016 = 91216
Multiplication and division are given priority over addition and subtraction in mixed calculations.
Press MODE, HEX, BC, x, (, MODE, DEC, 14, [+], 69, ), [=], Press MODE, then HEX 15604. HEX 3CF4 BC16x(1410+6910 =1560410 =3CF416

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