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HP Officejet t45 All-in-One Printer support

Ink Bleeding or Smearing

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Printed ink bleeds and/or smears through graphics and text.
Figure 1: Ink bleeds and/or smears
Try the following:
Use the proper paper setting
Ink drying time varies depending on the type of paper. Transparencies and higher-quality paper such as photo papers take longer to dry after printing. Match the paper type being used in the Setup tab of the Print Settings or the Copy Paper Type under Copy Setup in the Menu.
Check the print cartridge alignment
If you just purchased your HP Officejet or if you have just installed new print cartridges, align the print cartridges. Align each print cartridge once.
Print a self test page to check the status of the print cartridge
If you suspect problems with the print cartridges, print a self-test page to further diagnose the problem:
  1. In the HP Officejet Manager, click Settings.
  2. Select Settings and Maintenance.
  3. Select the Maintenance tab.
  4. Click the Self-Test button.
Is the paper too thick or damaged?
Card stock in excess of 60-pound weight or curled paper may cause the bottom of the ink cartridge to come in contact with the media. If this happens, the print will smear and the cartridge may become damaged.
Clean under the cartridges and the carriage
If the printout has horizontal smears as if something had brushed against the wet ink and smeared it across the page, it could be due to a build up of fibers on the underside of the print cartridge(s).
  1. Turn the All-in-One product on and lift the top cover
  2. After the print cartridges have moved to the left of center, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer.
  3. Remove the print cartridges from the carriage and place them on their sides on a scrap piece of paper.
    CAUTION: Do not leave the removed print cartridges outside of the printer more than 30 minutes.
    WARNING: Keep print cartridges out of the reach of children.
  4. Dip a clean cotton swab into distilled water and squeeze any excess water from the swab.
  5. Grasp one of the print cartridges by the sides or top. Clean around the outside of the nozzle plate. Do not wipe or touch the nozzle plate (the shiny rectangle on the very bottom of the cartridge).
  6. Clean the other print cartridge in the same manner.
  7. Hold the print cartridges up to the light to inspect for fibers on the face and edges. If fibers are still present, clean the cartridge again.
  8. Dampen a lint free cotton cloth with distilled water, fold it over a few times and slide it under the bottom of the carriage (the part that holds the ink cartridges). Slide the cloth left and right underneath the carriage. Continue sliding the cloth to the left and right to remove excess ink and fibers from the underside of the carriage. More than one cloth may be required.
  9. Replace the print cartridges, plug the power back into the HP Officejet and align the print cartridges. Use the alignment page or print something with text to test.
HP Officejet t45 All-in-One Printer

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