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Cleaning the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

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  1. Disconnect the power cable from the scanner.
  2. While holding down on the document input tray, open the hatch.
  3. Dampen a soft, clean, lint-free cloth with isopropyl alcohol, and wipe the rollers and separation pad.
  4. While holding the document output tray down, open the document input tray.
  5. Wipe the ADF window, which is a long, clear bar. You may dampen the cloth with window cleaner, water, or isopropyl alcohol.
    CAUTION: Use only these cleaning fluids, and spray them only on a cloth. Using other cleaning fluids or spraying any fluids on the ADF can damage the ADF window.
  6. Check the flat gray bar above the ADF window. The bar should be gray without black or other markings. If necessary, clean the flat gray bar.
  7. Close the input tray and then close the hatch. Press down firmly on both sides until the hatch clicks into place.
  8. Ensure that the scanner glass is also clean.

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