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HP LaserJet 1018 Printer support

Missing Graphics or Text, or Blank Pages

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The printed pages may contain missing graphics or text, or may print with blank pages.
  • Make sure that the file does not contain blank pages.
  • The sealing tape might still be in the print cartridge. Remove the print cartridge, and pull the tab on the end of the cartridge until the entire length of the tape is removed. Reinstall the print cartridge. To check the printer, print a Demo page by pressing the Go button.
  • The graphic settings in the printer properties might not be correct for the type of job that you are printing. Try a different graphic setting in the printer properties.
  • Clean the printer, particularly the contacts between the print cartridge and the power supply.
  • Check the top cover assembly and verify the laser scanner shutter pin is still attached. Open the top cover and look for two tabs: the laser scanner shutter pin on the left and the door latch immediately to its' right.
    Figure 1: Top cover with laser scanner shutter pin
    Figure 2: Top cover without laser scanner shutter pin
HP LaserJet 1018 Printer

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