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Using ICC Profiles for Color Photos in Adobe Photoshop

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Using HP provided ICC profiles when printing an image from PhotoShop

Advanced users can use the steps below to configure HP ICC profiles for Adobe PhotoShop.
  1. Select File, then Print with Preview. (For Photoshop 6 and prior select File, and then Print).
  2. For Photoshop 7 and CS, in the Print with Preview dialog, select the Show More Options checkbox, and Color Management from the menu.
  3. In the Profile menu, select the profile that corresponds to the printer, paper type, and ink set.
  4. Set the ICC rendering intent in the Intent menu. Most users will want to use the Perceptual intent to give the most subjectively pleasing color reproduction.
  5. Checking the Use Black Point Compensation box is also recommended.
The printer driver must also be configured to properly use the profile. Use the steps below to configure the printer driver.
  1. Select File, Print, and then Properties, Color.
  2. Select Managed by application from the Color management menu.
  3. Click on the Paper/Quality tab and select the appropriate paper type from the Type is menu.
  4. Click OK, and then OK again to print.
NOTE:If you select an ICC profile for your printer under Print with Preview in Adobe Photoshop that selection will be retained, even when later using the Photoshop Print or Print one Copy functions instead of Print with Preview. If you want to return to using the default sRGB mode after using ICC profiles, you must go back into the Print with Preview menu and select either sRGB or Same as Source as your printer profile. If the profile setting in Photoshop is not consistent with the printer driver settings, wrong colors will result.

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