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Windows Does Not Detect the Battery Properly or Displays an Incorrect Battery Detected Error Message

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Windows may not detect the battery properly or may display the following error message:
The system has detected an incorrect battery for this unit
The battery properties will not function properly.


Perform the following steps to correct the battery detection in Windows:

Update the BIOS

  1. Go to the HP Drivers and Downloads page, and search for your series and model notebook.
  2. Select the operating system that you are using from the list. If a BIOS update is available, the update will be listed under the heading ROMPaqs/BIOS and Firmware.
  3. If no BIOS is listed, or the version of the listed BIOS is older than the current BIOS on the PC, you may exit this procedure. The notebook does not require a BIOS update at this time.
  4. If you do see a BIOS update that is newer than the current BIOS on the PC, you should download and install the BIOS update.

Cycle the notebook power and battery

  1. Turn off the notebook PC.
  2. Remove the AC adapter from the notebook.
  3. Remove the battery from the notebook PC.
  4. Reconnect the AC adapter to the notebook PC.
  5. Turn on the notebook PC.
  6. Wait until Windows has completely started and the desktop icons appear.
  7. Insert the battery into the notebook PC.
Windows will properly detect the battery and the battery should charge normally.
If this does not correct the problem choose one of the following options:
For more information about using rechargeable batteries or to test the health of your battery, see HP Notebook PCs - Checking the Status of the Battery .

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