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How Do I Find My Model Number?

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The model number for your monitor can be found on the outside of your monitor's case. Your monitor's model number is not related to the model number for your computer, printer or other HP product, even if your computer and monitor came out of one box.

View a video on how to find your model number (in English)

Find the product identification label

The monitor model number may be on the front of your monitor, usually at the bottom center or in one of the corners.
Figure 1: Example of a model number displayed from the front of a monitor (your monitor may be different)
Figure 2: Another example of a model number on a CRT monitor
If you cannot easily find the model on the front of your monitor, look for a model identification label adhered to back.
Figure 3: Example of a product information label on the back of a monitor
Figure 4: Closeup of a Model identification label
For a few models, such as the F1903, a cosmetic cover needs to be removed before the label can be viewed.
Figure 5: Example of a model identification label behind a cosmetic cover

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