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Finding the Model Number, Part Number, Serial Number, and Android OS Version (Android 4.3, 4.2/Jelly Bean)

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This document applies to HP notebook computers with Android 4.3 or 4.2/Jelly Bean operating system.
Use this document to find the product and system information you might need for obtaining warranty information, service, or updates on your HP notebook.
NOTE:Depending on the version of Android installed on your tablet, some of the images in this document may not match your tablet exactly.

Finding your notebook's model number, part number, and serial number

The model number (M/N), part number (P/N), and serial number (S/N) of your notebook are laser-etched on the bottom edge of the detachable tablet. To find the information, detach the tablet from the base, and examine bottom edge of the tablet:
Figure 1: Laser-etched service labels
Laser-etched service labels
Figure 2: Close-up view of the model number (M/N), part number (P/N), and serial number (S/N) label
Close-up view of the model number (M/N), part number (P/N), and serial number (S/N) label

Finding your notebook's OS version

Use the following steps to find the Android OS version of your notebook:
  1. On the Home screen, click or touch the All apps icon, and then click or touch the Settings icon.
  2. In the System section, click or touch About tablet.
    Figure 3: About tablet
    About tablet
  3. See the information under Android version for the OS version installed on your notebook.
    Figure 4: Android version
    Android version

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