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Pavilion Maui/Lani BIOS Update

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Why do I need it?
This update includes previous Maui/Lani BIOS updates and is designed to correct an issue
where the system would hang because of a conflict between the enabled onboard video and the
PCI master bus detection of a 3COM LAN card. Also, in the Spanish Setup, the display of Date was corrected to day/month/year.

How do I get it?
Follow the instructions provided by the 'Download Now' button on this page.
It will download the file to a location of your choosing to your hard drive.

What do I do with it?
This install will need to be done in two stages:

  • creation of the required a system boot floppy and the
  • installation of the BIOS update
  1. Create a boot floppy for your PC by clicking Start, Settings, Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs.
    Click Start Up Disk, then select Create Disk.
    Insert a blank floppy in the A: drive and click Ok.
    The boot disk will be created at this time.
  2. Next, go to where you have stored the BIOS update file and double-click it.
    It will self extract and store itself in a directory on your hard drive called 'HP'.
    Once the extraction is finished, leave the boot disk in the A: drive and restart your PC.
    Choose Minimal Boot and press Enter.
    Type C: and press Enter.
    At the C: prompt, type cd\biosupdt and press Enter.
    Type biosupdt and press Enter.
    Once the installation is finished, remove the boot disk from the A: drive and reboot your PC.

    As the PC begins to boot, press F1 to enter Setup.
    Once in Setup, press F5 to reset the BIOS defaults, then press F10 to exit setup and save your changes.
    Press enter [yes] to close this panel.
    Allow the PC to finish booting and you are done.

Release details

File name:
maui_212.exe [1/1, 302.0k]
Microsoft Windows ME

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