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HP LaserJet 1320 PCL5 Driver

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Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 W32
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 2000

Correctif / Amélioration

  • Admin to admin PnP performance problem.
  • PCL-XL errors when printing multiple copies from Excel 2003.
  • Multiple copies and collate cause double the output.
  • Excel does not print in grayscale.
  • EMF bloat with PowerPoint 2003 files.
  • First Page From.....Remaining Pages.... from different media sources does not work when printing booklets.
  • Word crashes when clicking Properties in the print dialogue window.
  • Spooler crashing - HPZUI5IN.DLL.
  • Default media size changes when user changes from Office color to Professional color.
  • Scaling percentage in Excel>Page Setup, reverts back to 100% after entering into a newer driver.
  • Test page prints black boxes in XP 64.
  • Opening driver properties takes up to 5 minutes for some users.
  • MS Word displays "Unable to complete print job..." message.
  • Drivers installed on a virtual node in a cluster server environment do not have the ability to add .pcm font files.
  • Hostname fails if it contains a "." (period) character.
  • Special Pages option - Print pages on different paper -- does not have all options.
  • Registry key entry for HPEWSIPAddress (null value) causes exception errors.
  • Printer install hangs.
  • Extremely slow response when requesting Print Preferences page.
  • Moving to Printing Shortcuts tab resets driver options.
  • Print drivers initialize COM with the wrong concurrency model.
  • HPBPRO.exe issues - causing crashes on the spooler.
  • HPZUI4wm.dll causing spool crash.
  • IPP printing does not work as expected.
  • Spooler crashing in Windows 2003 cluster SP1 environment.
  • HPZUI5IN.DLL crashing the server.
  • Settings done in advance tab do not stick after upgrade.
  • SNP does not launch on cluster nodes for discrete drivers.
  • "Print Text As Black" Setting does not hold.
  • External font file causing driver UI to crash.

After download, double click the file to extract driver files into a directory. Remember the directory location.

  1. Upgrade driver on the system with previous driver installed
    • Open the Properties of existing printer.
    • Go to the Advanced tab.
    • Click on New Driver button and follow Add Printer Driver Wizard instructions.
    • Click on Have Disk… button and make sure to browse to the directory and locate the inf file.
    • Follow the remaining instructions to complete driver installation.
  2. 2. Install driver for the first time (no previous driver on the system)
    • Connect printer to PC and power up printer.
    • Click to open Found New Hardware pop up screen and use Add Printer Driver Wizard to install driver.
    • Print a test page.

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