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HP Pavilion N54XX-GF and HP Omnibook XE3-GF Video Driver for Windows XP

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HP Pavilion N54XX-GF and HP Omnibook XE3-GF Video Driver for Windows XP
HP Pavilion N54XX-GF and HP Omnibook XE3-GF Video Driver for Windows XP

This package contains a Video driver update for Windows XP and Windows 2000. This package will (by default) load the driver into the HP/Drivers/wxp/update/video/Intel subdirectory, and open a read me file containing installation information. Several issues are fixed as described below.

This software applies to:


hp omnibook XE3 (GF)
hp pavilion notebook pc (GF)

Operating system(s):

Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2000


[x] English, [x] French, [x] Italian, [x] German, [x] Spanish, [ x] Swedish, [x] Norwegian, [x] Finnish, [x] Danish


File name: N/A

File name: N/A

1. Click Start
2. Click Control Panel
3. Click Performance and Maintenance
4. Click System to open the System Properties
5. Click on the Hardware tab
6. Click on the Device Manager button
7. Double click on "Display adapters" to expand the list
8. Double click on "Intel® 830M Graphics Controller-0" to view its properties
9. Click on the Driver tab. The current driver version will be listed similar to "Driver Version:"

[X] This software is made available on the web only
[ ] This software is made available on the web and on factory-preloaded software
[ ] This software is made available on the web, in factory-preloaded software, and on CDs shipped with the product.

Detailed description

This package contains all files required for the Intel® 830M Graphics Driver

Fixed issues with Japanese text, where character insertion resulted in no text character displayed.

[X ] Recommended
[ ] Critical

Installation instructions

Installation steps


Open the folder containing the driver update

1. Open the Start Menu
2. Open "My Computer"


Run Setup.Exe

1. Double Click on Setup.Exe (InstallShield® Setup Launcher


Follow the prompts to complete the installation

  • Click on Next to continue

Click on Yes if you agree to the Intel® License Agreement
Click on Finish to reboot the computer and complete the installation process

This driver is only for the Omnibook or Pavilion notebook models with an HP model code of GF running Windows XP.

Uninstallation instructions

Uninstallation steps


Open Device Manager

Click Start
Click Control Panel
Click Performance and Maintenance
Click System to open System Properties
Click on the Hardware tab
Click on the Device Manager button


Open Display Adapter Properties

Double click on Display Adapters to expand the list
Double click on Intel(R) 830M Graphic Controller-0 to view its properties


Uninstall or Roll Back driver

Click on the Driver tab
Click either the Roll Back Driver button or the Uninstall button, depending on whether you wish to return to the previously installed driver or simply uninstall the driver for this device.

Release details

File name:
VIDWXP03.exe [1/1, 6.2M]
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 2000

Details and specifications

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