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Recommended Update to Enable Scanning on Vista Computer with Tablet Drivers

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Release details

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Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit)


This patch will fix conflicts in version 9.0 of the "HP Scanjet Full Feature Software and Driver." If you have a previous version of the software installed on your Vista computer, update to version 9.0 first and then apply this patch.

If available for Vista for this scanner, this patch will also fix conflicts with the "ISIS/TWAIN Drivers and Utilities" installation.

This patch DOES NOT apply to the "HP Basic Feature Driver" installation.
1. Download the patch file and select either Run or Save.
2. If Run is selected, the installation of the patch will start automatically within a few seconds and messages will provide installation status.
3. If Save is selected, go to the folder where the patch file was saved and double click it to run. The installation will start within a few seconds.
4. After the installation is complete all temporary files will be deleted.

Details and specifications

No additional prerequisites