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DeskJet 990Cse\Cxi Printer Driver

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HP DeskJet 990 Series Printer Driver

Installation Instructions:

  • Before you install, create a new folder. For this example, we'll use c:\dj990.
  • Change directory to c:\dj990
  • Download the driver to c:\dj990.
  • Double-click on the exe you just downloaded, the installer should run and proceed with the on-screen instructions.
  • If the installer doesn't automatically run, do the following:
    You will see a 3 letter language directory that the archive has created. For example, the English driver will have the directory enu. Run the setup.exe from within that directory.
  • In the Program Manager, select File => Run c:\ dj990\enu\31\disk1\setup.exe.
From Floppy:

In the Program Manager, select File => Run \disk1\SETUP.EXE

Release details

File name:
dj987en.exe [1/1, 2.16M]
Microsoft Windows 3.1

Details and specifications

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