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ArcSoft ShowBiz 2 Software Update

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The ArcSoft ShowBiz 2 software update includes the following fixes and feature enhancements:

Software Enhancements:
  • Create a DVD disc with up to 2.5 hours of video when using the HP DVD Movie Writer.
    • (The increased space comes from lowering the video capture resolution using the Half D1 specification)
  • The HP Video Transfer Wizard now captures video from cameras connected via an IEEE-1394 port.
  • Clarity within sections of the software improved through an updated user interface and wording changes.
Issues Corrected:
  • Errors when using and motion menus corrected.
  • Preview of slideshows with unusual aspect ratios corrected.
  • Errors and lockups when using the Pan and Zoom feature corrected.
  • Errors created by incorporating certain types of MP3 files within the slideshow resolved.
  • Audio missing periodically at the end of a slideshow resolved.
  1. Download the ShowBizDVD2_2.1.0.43_2.1.0.67_Update_E.exe file to the computer containing ArcSoft ShowBiz 2.
  2. With the file fully downloaded, double-click the ShowBizDVD2_2.1.0.43_2.1.0.67_Update_E.exe file to install and initiate the software update.
  3. Leave the default option Autodetect (Recommended) selected and click Next.
  4. The update will automatically find the previous ShowBiz 2 version installed. Click OK to install the update.

Release details

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro

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