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HP Media Vault - PC Client Software Installation Disc Version 2 - Image File

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Release details

Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 2000


This update allows for the PC Client Installation CD to install properly on the new Microsoft Vista operating system.
This update fixes two critical issues with both the NTI DriveBackup 4! application as well as the NTI Shadow application that shipped with the original installation CD.

These fixes include:
  1. NTI DriveBackup 4 - Subsequent scheduled backups fail after the first success backup job completes. This new software installation CD will correct this problem.
  2. NTI Shadow - Fixes problem where long file names cause the Shadow job to error out.
To install the new PC Client Application CD:
  1. Download the ISO image to your computer. It is recommended that you download it to a temporary folder that you can easily find, to your Desktop, or to your My Documents folder.
  2. Once the file download has completed, use CD burner software such as Roxio to burn an ISO image correctly onto a CD-R/CD-RW. If you need instructions on how to burn an ISO please refer to the help documentation with your CD burner software. (NOTE: Windows 2000, XP, and Vista do not support burning an ISO image without additional software.)
  3. If the PC Client Application is already installed on your PC, uninstall it after you create the new installation CD. To uninstall the previous version, go to Start/All Programs/HP Media Vault/Uninstall.
  4. Finally, once the previous version is uninstalled, access your new Installation CD by opening and closing the CD drive tray to start the autostart process, or simply double-click on the CD/DVD drive in your My Computer folder and follow the normal installation prompts.

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