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HP VGA-Out PC Card Driver

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This HP VGA-out PC Card driver for the HP VGA-out PC Card (F1252A) is an enhancement to version 1.0. This driver works with HP 360/620/660 LX and HP Jornada 680/680e. If you have a Jornada 680/680e and your VGA-out PC Card comes with an installation floppy disk, you are advised to install this updated version. This version of driver is also shipped with the VGA-out PC Card with the installation program in CD-ROM. It contains bug fixes and enables HP ScreenView for 65,536 colors (if your Jornada is installed with the HP Vibrant Color Display driver). Uncompress the file hpvgadrv.zip to get the installation program hpvgadrv.exe and readme.txt. Please read the readme.txt for install information and fixes/enhancements details. Note: the HP Vibrant Color Display driver is not compatible with the Windows CE 2.0 devices (HP 360/620/660LX).

Release details

File name:
hpvgadrv.zip [1/1, 1.12M]
Microsoft Windows CE 2.11

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