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Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Controller Driver

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Release details

File name:
sp39955.exe [1/1, 1.89M]
Version A
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise (32-bit)
1. Download the SoftPaq .EXE file to a directory
on your hard drive.

2. Uninstall the older version of driver before
installing this new one.

3. Execute the downloaded file and follow the
on-screen instructions.

Details and specifications

Supported Devices and Features
PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_4353="Marvell 8039 Ethernet Nic" PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_4354="Marvell 8040 Ethernet Nic" PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_4363="Marvell 8055 Ethernet Nic" PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_436C="Marvell 8072 Ethernet Nic" PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_4357="Marvell 8042 Ethernet Nic"

Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
,Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic 32 Edition
,Microsoft Windows Vista Business 32 Edition
,Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise 32 Edition