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Multimedia Keyboard Driver Update

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Previous versions of the HP Multimedia Keyboard driver periodically sent a network signal, known as a Ping, to detect an Internet connection. The purpose of the ping was to determine when to turn on or off the 'Internet' light on the keyboard. The ping was sent even if the keyboard did not have an Internet light.

The updated keyboard driver eliminates the need for the ping signal. This gives you the following benefits:

Improve system performance.
In some situations, the network ping could use up system resources, significantly slowing down the system.

Reduce network traffic.
Because the updated driver does not generate the periodic ping, the background network traffic is reduced. This leaves more of the network bandwidth available for your use.

Eliminate privacy concerns.
While the ping did not contain information about you and was never used by HP or anyone else for tracking purposes, some users voiced concern that the ping could be used for tracking them. Because the updated driver does not generate the ping, this concern is removed.

HP highly recommends that all users download and install this driver to get the most out of their HP Pavilion and the Internet.

How To Use:
    1. Download the keyboard update.
    2. Double-click the icon for the update file downloaded in Step 1.
    3. After reading the introduction screen, click Next.
    4. Accept the terms in the license agreement, and then click Next.
    5. Click Setup in the "WinZip Self-Extractor" window. The software installs the update driver automatically.
    6. Click OK when the software has successfully installed the update driver.
    7. Restart the PC.

Release details

File name:
sp23891.exe [1/1, 5.03M]
Microsoft Windows ME
Microsoft Windows 98

Details and specifications

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