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HP PC Recovery CD-DVD Creator Update

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This update fixes an issue preventing the creation of a Recovery DVD due to a disc capacity detection error or invalid media error.

Purpose: Critical

Category: Utility - Tools

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP Home
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Global English

    - Resolves issue causing a "CD\DVD image file exceeds 4457 MB" error message.
    - Resolves issue of non working CDs if an "Invalid Media" error message occurs.
How To Use:
    1. Download the driver update.
    2. Double-click the icon for the update downloaded in step 1, and then click NEXT.
    3. Accept the license terms and then click NEXT.
    4. Click YES to continue the update.
    5. Click OK to complete the update.

Release details

File name:
sp24057.exe [1/1, 971.01k]
Microsoft Windows XP

Details and specifications

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