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P5LP-LE Motherboard BIOS Update

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Release details

File name:
sp26758.exe [1/1, 1.19M]
3.17 - 04/20/2006
Microsoft Windows XP


  • Resolves an issue that incorrectly causes the PC Doctor CPU test to fail.
  • Resolves compatibility issues with Canon MP500 and i470d printers.
  • Corrects Spanish text in BIOS ACPI settings menu.
  • Adjusts the lowest system fan threshold speed to 500 RPM.
  • Adjusts power and temperature settings for newer Intel processors.
  • Updates microcode to support newer Intel processors.

    Operating System:
    Microsoft Windows XP Home
    Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    1. 1. Download the update.
      2. Double-click the icon for the update downloaded in Step 1, and then click NEXT.
      3. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then click NEXT to proceed with the installation.
      4. If an Overwrite Protection message appears, click YES TO ALL.
      5. Click OK at the Windows Based BIOS Update window.
      6. Click YES at the next Windows Based BIOS Update window, and then wait for the update to complete.
      7. At the Windows Based BIOS Update window, click YES to restart the system.
      8. If you see the following message during the restart of the system, continue with the remaining steps; otherwise you are done with the update.

    Default BIOS settings have been loaded due to BIOS update or checksum issue.
    Press to enter Setup. Otherwise, allow the PC to continue.

      9. Press and hold the F1 key for a few seconds to open the BIOS Setup.
      10. Press the F5 key, use the Left and Right arrow keys to choose YES, and then press Enter to load the BIOS defaults.
      11. Press the F10 key, use the Left and Right arrow keys to choose YES, and then press Enter to exit the BIOS Setup and save the changes.
      12. Press Enter to confirm the save.
      13. If you see a System Settings Change message prompting you to restart the system, click YES to restart the system again.

    Details and specifications

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