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RC415ST-HM Motherboard BIOS Update

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Release details

File name:
sp26922.exe [1/1, 1.37M]
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista Starter


  • Updates microcode for Intel processors to resolve system stability issues, blue screen issues, and Send/Don't Send error messages.
  • Resolves SMART status check issue when SATA hard disk drive is connected only to the SATA3 or SATA4 port.
  • Resolves issue with system automatically entering hibernation mode after waking up when Hibernate is set to "Never" in Power Options.
  • 1. Click the Download Only button.
    2. At the File Download screen, click the Save button.
    3. At the Save As screen, save the file to your Desktop.
    4. If a message appears stating that the file already exists, click YES to overwrite file.
    5. Double-click the icon for the update downloaded to your desktop, and then click NEXT.
    6. Follow on-screen instructions.
    7. If prompted to restart the system upon completion of the update, click YES and allow system to restart.

    Details and specifications

  • You must be logged on as an administrator to install this update.
  • You must have a Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit operating system.