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Pavilion 7915 UUID Update

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Why do I need it?
This update is for HP Pavilion 7915 computers with serial numbers from MX137A0000 to MX140A9999.
Press the Ctrl Alt S keys on your keyboard to see the HP Pavilion computer's serial number.
Uuid.exe updates the motherboard BIOS to the latest version that includes a UUID (Universal Unique Identifier).

How do I get it?
Download uuid.exe from this page and save it to a blank formatted floppy disk (A: drive).

What do I do with it?
To install this update it will be necessary to create a boot floppy for your computer:

  1. Insert a blank floppy in the A: drive.
  2. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Select the Start Up Disk tab and then, click Create Disk.
  4. With a blank floppy in the A: drive, Click Ok.

  5. The boot disk will be created at this time.
  6. Leave the startup disk in the A: drive.
  7. Download uuid.exe.
    Double-click uuid.exe and unzip it to the A: drive.
  8. Reboot the computer with the startup disk in the A: drive.

  9. The UUID update will run automatically.
    When the update is finished, the screen will return to the A: prompt.
  10. Remove the floppy and reboot the computer. The installation is complete.

Release details

File name:
uuid.exe [1/1, 92.82k]
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows ME

Details and specifications

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