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Pavilion PC BIOS Upgrade

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HP Pavilion PC BIOS Upgrade. This BIOS update creates a BIOS Flash Utility for the following models ONLY: US 8140 & 8160, Asia Pacific 8100, 8111, 8120, 8130 & 8155P. This BIOS version is 4.06 dated 03/25/98. Use the following steps to create a system bootable disk on a blank, formatted floppy disk: 1). Open My Computer. 2). Locate the 3 1/2 Floppy (A:) drive. 3). Using the "Right" mouse button, click once. 4). Using the "Left" mouse button, select FORMAT. 5). Select "Copy System Files Only" and press START. Refer to the Release Notes for BIOS enhancements/fixes. Download Instructions: Double click the downloaded file and the file self-extraction utility will open up. Click on Ok and the files will be copied to the floppy. A message should appear saying the files were successfully unzipped. Click OK. Leave the floppy in the drive and reboot the system. The BIOS flash utility will start. Confirm that the PC is on the list of models that appears on the screen and press Y for yes. The flash utility will start updating the BIOS. It is important that you do not remove the disk until updating is complete. You will be prompted to press any key when the update is complete. This should restart the system. If upon rebooting the system a CMOS checksum error appears on the screen, press F1 to enter setup. While in setup, press F5 to reset to the default settings, press F10 to save and exit from setup and the system should boot back into windows. NOTE: Refer to the Read-me text file that will be available after the unzip utility has successfully unpacked the files. The read-me text file will include notes for BIOS enhancements/fixes.

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asus0325.exe [1/1, 252.5k]
OS Independent

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