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Compaq WF1907 LCD Monitor Driver

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This package contains the HP Display Installer program, which automatically
detects the Microsoft Operating System running on your computer and installs
the corresponding .INF and .ICM driver files that are used to configure the
48,3-cm (19-inch) Compaq WF1907 Wide LCD Monitor.

The setup information, or .INF file, defines monitor resources used by
Microsoft Operating Systems in order to ensure monitor compatibility with the
graphics card installed in your computer.

The image color matching, or .ICM file, is a color data file that is used in
conjunction with graphics applications to provide consistent color matching
from monitor screen to printer, or from scanner to the monitor screen. The .ICM
file is only activated from within the graphics applications that support this

NOTE: For the supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Windows
Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certified monitor drivers are installed.

Release details

File name:
sp34254.exe [1/1, 438.39k]
1.00 Rev. A
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 2000

Details and specifications

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