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HP Pavilion 761c Desktop PC (US/CAN) support

Missouri BIOS Update

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Why do I need it?
This is the latest Missouri BIOS version 3.04 for your Pavilion Computer.

How do I get it?
Click the Download Now button on this page.

What do I do with it?
This install will need to be done in two stages:

  • creation of a boot floppy
  • installation of the BIOS update

Create a boot disk in Windows XP:

  • Click Start, My computer.
  • Right-click the floppy disk drive (A:), then click format.
  • In the format window, select the create an MS-Dos startup disk option.
  • Click Start, then OK.
  • When the Format Complete message appears, click OK, then close.
    Installing the BIOS update:
    Go to where you have stored the BIOS update file and double-click it.
    It will self extract and store itself on the floppy disk in the A: drive.
    Once the extraction is finished, leave the boot disk in the A: drive and restart your PC.

    At the A: prompt, type biosupdt and press Enter.
    Once the installation is finished, remove the boot disk from the A: drive and reboot your PC.

    As the PC begins to boot, press F1 to enter Setup.
    Once in Setup, press F5 to reset the BIOS defaults, then press F10 to exit setup and save your changes.
    Press enter [yes] to close this panel.

    The computer will finish booting. The installation is complete.

Release details

File name:
MIS_304.exe [1/1, 288.11k]
Microsoft Windows XP

Details and specifications

HP Pavilion 761c Desktop PC (US CAN)

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