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Compaq Presario Desktop PC 7588 support

Presario System ROM 686C3 Update for Specific Models

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ROMPaqs are not OS specific, but your factory warranty covers technical support for the originally installed OS only. Please refer to the text to insure that your model is listed. Installing this on a system that it is not designed for may render your computer useless.

Release details

File name:
sp18321.exe [1/1, 489.81k]
1.05 Rev. A
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows ME
Microsoft Windows 98


Supports Windows Flash capability. The following were fixed in SP17455 and are also included in this SoftPaq: Fixed Chicony USB keyboard lockup during POST. Added POST message for missing keyboard. Added F10 Setup Detect Drive feature for IDE and floppy drives. Added quiet drive ATA6 acoustic management support. Enhancements to Power Loss Management feature. Added 48-bit LBA boot support to handle drives bigger than 128GB. Fix mouse loss on resume from hibernate. Fixed very slow boot with Canon BJ 870PFD USB printer. Added workaround for Logitech Quickcam hang during POST. Added CPU patch for new Coppermine D0 CPU (CPUID = 68Ah). Fixed Windows 2000 load hang. The following were fixed in SP15894, SP15675, SP14017, SP13520 and are also included in this SoftPaq: Enhanced USB legacy handoffs. Fixes USB mouse hang. Fixed nonfunctional LEDs on International Venice keyboards. Added support for SST 2M firmware hub. Fixed intermittent 102 System Board POST error. Fixed issue when PS/2 mouse is not connected, and other error conditions. Improved USB support in DOS and Windows safe mode. Shortened BIOS POST (Power On Self Test) time. Resolved several issues with 3rd party video cards. Fixed multi-monitor support for several 3rd party video cards. Enhanced boot options in BIOS setup. Added support for latest Processors. Updated video BIOS. Fixes an issue of system rebooting when shutting down by preventing USB enumeration by the Operating System at shutdown. Changes memory buffer strength for configurations of two double sized memory modules. Adds support for new processor versions, including the latest CPU patches from Intel.

Details and specifications

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