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Directions for "Download" option

MediaSmart Server Mac Backup Client

Use these directions to guide you through the self-install process

Installation Instructions

To Install the Mac Backup Client Software

Note: 1.3 revision 1 must be installed on your HP MediaSmart Server. You can verify the version from a a Windows computer by double-clicking the Windows Home Server icon in the system tray and logging on. Click Settings in the upper right corner of the Console. Click HP MediaSmart Server in the left menu of the Settings dialog. Select the Support tab and verify the Software Version is

Note: You must have administrative privileges on your Mac computer to install the software. Click System Preferences, Accounts, and check Allow user to administer this computer.

1. Create a Mac share on the server. On a Windows computer, double-click the Windows Home Server icon in the system tray and log on. Click Shared Folders and add a share called "Mac".
2. Download the MacBackupClient.exe package and place it on your Windows desktop.
3. Double-click the MacBackupClient.exe. The HP MSS Client.dmg file is extracted to the same location as the downloaded executable file.
4. Copy the HP MSS Client.dmg to your Mac.
5. Double-click HP MSS Client.dmg.
6. Double-click the Install HP MediaSmart Server Software.pkg and follow the instructions on your screen.
7. The Settings dialog opens after the installation is complete. Type the server name and the server's administrator password so that the Mac software can access your Server.
8. Once your credentials have been authenticated, click Apply to save the server name and password.
9. Click BackUp to set your backup preferences or click Show All to go to the Control Center.