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Paper-Feed Problems

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Resetting the paper-feed mechanism

Paper-feed issues can result from a number of different causes, including the paper end-cut, the type or print media that is being used, the position of the paper and the tray, and the condition of the rubber paper-feed rollers. In every case, perform the following steps. Then, consult the items below to find the item that best matches the issue.
  1. Turn the HP Officejet Pro series product off (this clears the error message).
  2. Open the ink-cartridge access door. Free the carriage (the part that holds the ink cartridges) if it is trapped to the left. Gently slide the carriage from side to side until it can be positioned to the right, just under the scanner.
  3. Turn the product on.
  4. Remove the paper tray. The latch is on the underside of the tray and is removed by pressing the handles together.
  5. Press the black COPY button to perform a test copy (without paper). This should fail and generate an “out of paper” message. This also resets the HP Officejet Pro series paper picking mechanism to the proper location. If any other error message appears, besides an "out of paper" message, and then consult the information below to try and clear the issue. Then, perform these steps again.
  6. Replace the paper tray. Turn the product off, and then turn it on again.

Out of paper

A paper-out sensor indicates the absence of print media in the input tray. It also generates the Control Panel message "Out of Paper." Replace the print media and then press Resume." If media is already loaded, make sure that the paper tray is fully seated and the media is pushed in all of the way. If the media is fed intermittently, remove the tray and clean the three large, rubber rollers inside by using a lint-free, clean cloth that has been dampened with lukewarm water. Replace the tray.

No print media feeding or multiple sheets feeding

Several issues might cause the print media not to feed, or cause multiple sheets to feed. Check or do the following procedures.
NOTE: Turn off the product before performing Steps 2 and 4.
  1. Check the print media. Some types, such as transparencies or coated papers, do not always feed correctly. Hewlett-Packard also recommends the use of 75 g/m2 (20 lb) or heavier paper in the all-in-one products. Thin papers do not feed well and might not accept ink in the same way that heavier paper does.
  2. Clean the paper-feed rollers with a lint-free, clean cloth that has been dampened with lukewarm water. This removes any surface dust from the rollers.
    Turn off the product and remove the paper tray.
    Use the cloth to rub the surface of the rollers.
    Gently turn the rollers to clean all the way around them. The rollers can be turned if the power is off.
  3. Perform the steps at the top of this document to reset the paper-feed mechanism.
  4. Check the paper-feed mechanism. It should be possible to rotate the pivot assembly down. Rotating the pivot assembly down raises the paper lifter. This does not happen if the lifter arm is broken. Be sure to return the pivot arm back to its original raised position.
    1 - Pivot assembly
    2 - Lifter arm
    3 - Lifter
  5. If the problems continue, damage to either the paper tray or the paper feed mechanism might exist. A qualified technician should repair the unit. Call HP Customer Care or take the unit to an HP Authorized Service Provider to be serviced. Click contact hp on this page to locate an HP Authorized Service Provider.


If the HP Officejet Pro series product detects a jam, the Control Panel message "Paper Jam. Press and hold Resume to eject paper" appears. When the SELECT/RESUME button is pressed and held, the paper-feed rollers rotate, attempting to clear the jam. Releasing, pressing, and then holding the SELECT/RESUME button reverses the direction of rotation each time this combination of actions (release, press, and hold) is taken.
If rotating the rollers by using the SELECT/RESUME button fails to clear the jam, simply pull the sheet out of the HP Officejet Pro series product.
If the HP Officejet Pro series product fails to detect the jam, pull the sheet out or press and hold the SELECT/RESUME button. Then, press the PAPER TYPE button and hold both buttons down. The rollers rotate, attempting to clear the jam. To change the direction of rotation of the rollers, first release both buttons, and then press and hold the SELECT/RESUME button. The direction of rotation reverses each time that the SELECT/RESUME button is released, pressed, and then held.
After clearing a jam, turn the product off for a few seconds, and then turn it on again.

Possible causes of jams, and solutions

This table lists possible causes of and solutions for jams.
Possible causeSolution
The print media is not properly loaded in the IN tray. Remove the print media from the IN tray. Re-square the stack. Reload the stack in the IN tray.

Make sure that the paper-width adjuster is against the left side of the paper stack.

Make sure that the paper-length adjuster is against the end of the stack.
The IN tray is too full. The IN tray can hold up to a 19-mm (0.75-inch) stack of paper, or approximately 150 sheets of 75 g/m2 (20 lb) paper.
The OUT tray is too full. The OUT tray capacity is 50 sheets.
The print media is too long. The printer does not operate properly with media that is longer than 356 mm (14 inches).
The print media is outside of printer specifications. Verify that the media meets the paper-handling specifications.
The media is mixed in the IN tray. For best paper-handling results, load only one type of media in the IN tray at one time.
An obstruction blocks the paper path. Look for obstructions that might block the paper path.
The paper-tray assembly is improperly installed. Remove and reinstall the paper tray assembly.

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